a.1.See Dimmish.
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This expanded work is limited to war patients and invalids, and it is temporary by nature, but this does not dimish its value.
Changes tend to dimish after this stage, but late changes are frequently a problem for maintaining coherency within the separate components of the grousp documents.
prevent genes that have been introduced into crops from spreading to wild relatives of those crops, which could dimish genetic diversity and create herbicide-resistant weeds.
A harsh color or horizontal stripe, however, can dimish a long, lean line.
This does not dimish their theoretical significance, but it would be useful for other examples to be produced from the domain of adaptive (i.
While temporarily subsidising capital could be justified as a means of compensating for deficient infrastructure and to overcome hesitancy aand inertia on the part of potential investors, once renewal is under way the need for investment subsidies should gradually dimish.