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n. pl.1.(Zool.) An order of lamellibranchiate mollusks having an anterior and posterior adductor muscle, as the common clam. See Bivalve.
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With the exception of a brief note on Dimya pamplonensis (Calzada and Astibia, 1996) nothing has been published to date about the fossil molluscs.
bifrons, Dimya pamplonensis and indeterminate ostreoids, the barnacle Arcoscalpellum sp.
caldesensis, Dimya pamplonensis and Chama granulosa, among others and its absence in the Itzagaondoa localities; on the contrary (3) the abundance of phytophagous gastropod Diastoma costellatum in the Itzagaondoa outcrops and its scarcity in the Ardanatz outcrops; and (4) the presence of Moniquia sp.
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