Dinosaur National Monument

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Di′nosaur Na′tional Mon′ument

a national monument in NE Utah and NW Colorado: site of prehistoric animal fossils. 322 sq. mi. (834 sq. km).
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Straddling the Utah-Colorado border, Dinosaur National Monument gets around 300,000 visitors per year.
David Nimkin, a senior regional director at NPCA, quoted in a New York Times article about the Bureau of Land Management's plan to auction gas and oil drilling rights to 94,000 acres of land near Dinosaur National Monument. Critics say the proposed energy development would harm air quality, wildlife, cultural resources, night skies and viewsheds.
Dinosaur National Monument attracts visitors from around the globe hoping to walk the land these giant creatures called home.
That the Yampa ran through Dinosaur National Monument worked in its favor some sixty years ago.
The Green River originates in the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming and flows south to its confluence with the Yampa River within Dinosaur National Monument in northwestern Colorado (40.5[degrees]N, 108.9[degrees]W; Fig.
One of his favorite places is Dinosaur National Monument, which straddles the border between Utah and Colorado.
For the next six years the case lay dormant, until a rancher found a human skull - later identified as Sabrina's - near Douglas Pass, between Dinosaur National Monument and Grand Junction in Colorado.
203,885-acre enlargement of the Dinosaur National Monument, (147) which
Millions of years later, sauropodomorphs evolved into gigantic sauropods, long-necked plant eaters whose fossils are well known from elsewhere in Utah, including Dinosaur National Monument.
In the letter, the specimen was listed in black and white: Field Number 155 from Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.
Intended especially for travelers and vacationers interested in taking in Colorado's geological sites, yet accessible to budding geologists everywhere, Roadside Geology of Colorado is now in an updated second edition with new tours of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Dinosaur National Monument, and much more.
Today, that area is the Dinosaur National Monument.