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n. Greek Mythology
One of the Greek heroes of the Trojan War.
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(ˌdaɪəˈmiːdiːz) ,




1. (Classical Myth & Legend) a king of Argos, and suitor of Helen, who fought with the Greeks at Troy
2. (Classical Myth & Legend) a king of the Bistones in Thrace whose savage horses ate strangers
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(ˌdaɪ əˈmi diz)

a Greek hero in the Trojan War.
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His work included the adjudgment of the arms of Achilles to Odysseus, the madness of Aias, the bringing of Philoctetes from Lemnos and his cure, the coming to the war of Neoptolemus who slays Eurypylus, son of Telephus, the making of the wooden horse, the spying of Odysseus and his theft, along with Diomedes, of the Palladium: the analysis concludes with the admission of the wooden horse into Troy by the Trojans.
Diomedes Sinon, Dumagoc barangay chairperson, said an initial assessment showed the fire razed 120 houses and displaced some 145 families.
Roger Dairo Toquib, 44, and Diomedes Palac Sajulga, Jr., 38, both residents of Barangay Cutcutan in Valencia town, were charged for violations of the Fisheries Administrative Order 208.
While the implications of Juncker's visit for the Cyprus issue were welcome, DEOK union general secretary Diomedes Diomedes said Cypriot society needed to respond to the " continuing austerity policy which is increasingly causing poverty and social inequality"
He plays Diomedes in Shakespeare's tragedy and recalls: "One of the guns we use went off - these are blanks but there's still an explosive charge - and it took a big chunk of Darrell's finger off ." In their ensemble roles, both D'Silva and Hamilton had parts in King Lear, too, with Paul also understudy to Darrell's Earl of Kent.
Cressida has a secret meeting with her passionate suitor, Diomedes, who wants her to give him the love-token scarf given her by her lover, Troilus.
Arguing with a centurion, Greek trader Diomedes is made to say (approximately) 'Long before the first Roman legionary shows his face, some Greek trader has introduced them to the goods of empire.
It is by no coincidence, I argue, that the Mithras Liturgy, a ritual intended to invite divine revelation, is surrounded by a series of Homeric quotations, each of which describes the Iliadic hero Diomedes or the goddess Athena, who helps him.
Some players say the rooster was named after 'Diomede (or Diomedes) of the loud war-cry', a Greek army hero during the siege of Troy and Ulysses's brother-in-arms.