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 (dī′ə-nī′səs, -nē′-)
n. Greek & Roman Mythology
The god of wine and of an orgiastic religion celebrating the power and fertility of nature. Also called Bacchus.

[Latin Dionȳsus, from Greek Dionūsos.]


(ˌdaɪəˈnaɪsəs) or


(Classical Myth & Legend) the Greek god of wine, fruitfulness, and vegetation, worshipped in orgiastic rites. He was also known as the bestower of ecstasy and god of the drama, and identified with Bacchus


or Di•o•ny•sos

(ˌdaɪ əˈnaɪ səs)

an ancient Greek and Roman fertility god, associated esp. with the vine and wine.
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Noun1.Dionysus - (Greek mythology) god of wine and fertility and dramaDionysus - (Greek mythology) god of wine and fertility and drama; the Greek name of Bacchus
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks


nDionysos m
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Far greater, we think, than the charm of poems strictly classic in interest, such as the "Praise of Dionysus," exquisite as that is, is the charm of those pieces in which, so to speak, he transforms, by a kind of colour-change, classic forms and associations into those--say
He showed him the theatre of Dionysus and explained in what order the people sat, and how beyond they could see the blue Aegean.
And he renewed the flame of his lance with a gesture which made one think of Dionysus of Crete.
Finally, for the Limassol crowd where carnival is king, the Guaba after-parade party will have you coming in from the streets and into Dionysus Mansion for a late-afternoon party.
However, ethnographers are unanimous that the celebrations are rooted in the ancient Dionysus festivities, celebrating Dionysus - the God ofA Wine, who was known to have thought people everywhere he went how to grow vines and make wine.
Among their topics are Homer at the Panathenaia: some possible scenarios, Hector (and) the race horse: the telescopic vision of the Iliad, Whether Odysseus and Achilles represent the best of the Achaeans in the Odyssey, Homeric iconyms and Hittite answers, and making gods present in narration through choral song and other epiphanic strategies in the Homeric Hymns to Dionysus and Apollo.
Abdul Azeem said it seems that the human shape carved on the bowl is of 'Dionysus', king of wine in ancient Greek mythology while wine bottles, leaves of grapes and lion are carved on the bowl also represents its connection with King Dionysus.
A recent article by Dionysus Powell in healthcareinamerica.
Summary: In the classical Greek tragedy The Bacchae, the god Dionysus, powered by a thirst for vengeance, battles the inflexible and closed-minded King Pentheus for the soul of Thebes.
According to Greek mythology, the god Dionysus used a tiger sent by Zeus to cross the river that became known as Tigris.
Gucci presents the new Dionysus Bag, which is distinguished by a striking double tiger-head closure.
The show explores ancient wine and revelry including vessels used in the Symposium, musical instruments and images of the god Dionysus and his followers.