Diophantine analysis

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Di·o·phan·tine analysis

 (dī′ə-făn′tīn′, -tĭn)
A collection of methods for determining integral solutions of certain algebraic equations.

[After Diophantus, third-century ad Greek mathematician.]
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There is expanded coverage of random number generation, Diophantine analysis, and additive number theory.
Moreover, when faced with such an outburst of new disciplines and also success (an astronomy critical of Ptolemaic models, optics reformed and renewed, an algebra created, an algebraic geometry invented, a Diophantine analysis transformed, a theory of the parallels discussed, projective methods developed, and so on) can it be imagined that philosophers remained unperturbed by these developments, as to deduce that they were strictly confined to the relatively narrow frame of the Aristotelian tradition of neo-Platonism?
Number theory has been enriched by diophantine analysis since the third century, but it is still a very active study and includes many open questions and conjectures.