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(daɪˈɒptə) or


(Units) a unit for measuring the refractive power of a lens: the reciprocal of the focal length of the lens expressed in metres
[C16: from Latin dioptra optical instrument, from Greek, from dia- through + opsesthai to see]
diˈoptral adj
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Noun1.dioptre - a unit of measurement of the refractive power of a lens which is equal to the reciprocal of the focal length measured in meters; used by oculists
unit, unit of measurement - any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange; "the dollar is the United States unit of currency"; "a unit of wheat is a bushel"; "change per unit volume"
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, (US) diopter
nDioptrie f
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, dioptre
n. dioptría, unidad de medida de refracción de un lente.
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Built on durable magnesium frames, these binos come with pop-up, locking, center-focus diopters; smooth-rotating, aluminum, locking eyecups; and ergonomic, magnesium micro bridges for comfortable handling.
The researchers found that baseline mean spherical equivalent refraction (SER) was 0.31 diopters (D) among 1,975 students in grade 1 versus −1.6 D among 2,670 students in grade 7.
Patients with known history of ocular and/or systemic diseases, previous ocular surgery, prior contact lens use, ocular or systemic medication use, and more than 3.5 diopters of cylindrical and/or 6 diopters of spherical refractive error were not included.
o Large range of refractive error correction: The EVO Visian ICL provides correction up to -18 Diopters of Myopia, up to +8 Diopters of Hyperopia and up to 6 Diopters of Astigmatism
Light treatment company RxSight Inc reported on Thursday the receipt of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the RxSight Light Adjustable Lens and the Light Delivery Device (LDD) for patients with pre-existing astigmatism of >= 0.75 diopters undergoing cataract surgery.
Lens strength is measured in diopters and indicates how much the light is bent.
of Mean SD Mean- (Diopters) Patients (Microns) (Microns) 2SD -0.25D to--3.0D 82 540 33 474 -3.25D to -6.0D 46 546 30 486 > 6.25D 32 541 29 483 All Patients 160 541 31 479 Table 2.
The mean simK value at the start of study was 50.94+-4.84 diopters in Group-A and 49.73+-5.24 diopters in Group-B.
Also offered are new lens colors and shades, as well as magnifying readers with diopters of +1.5, +2.0 or +2.5.