Dioscorea bulbifera

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Noun1.Dioscorea bulbifera - yam of tropical Africa and Asia cultivated for it large tubersDioscorea bulbifera - yam of tropical Africa and Asia cultivated for it large tubers
yam plant, yam - any of a number of tropical vines of the genus Dioscorea many having edible tuberous roots
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(14.) Yang F, Liang Y, Xu L, Ji L, Yao N, Liu R, Shi L, Liang T, Exploration in the cascade working mechanisms of liver injury induced by total saponins extracted from Rhizoma Dioscorea bulbifera. Biomed.
Recently, we have shown the potential of medicinal plants like Dioscorea bulbifera, Gnidia glauca, Plumbago zeylanica, Dioscorea oppositifolia, Barleria prionitis, Litchi chinensis, and Platanus orientalis for synthesis of gold, silver, and bimetallic nanoparticles [4-15].
Most of the Chinese herbal medicines associated with DILI were used to treat osteopathy, arthropathy, dermatosis, gastropathy, leukotrichia, alopecia, and gynecologic diseases, etc., The effective ingredients of these herbal medicines mainly include Rhizoma alismatis , tripterygium glycosides, Dioscorea bulbifera , Polygonum multiflorum , raw snake gallbladder, mylabris, centipede powder, ginger-processed Pinellia , and Fructus xanthii .
Derle et al., "Diosgenin from Dioscorea bulbifera: novel hit for treatment of type II diabetes mellitus with inhibitory activity against [alpha]-amylase and [alpha]-glucosidase," PLoS ONE, vol.
So, daily diet rich of diosgenin such as Dioscorea nipponica Makino, Dioscorea zingiberensis, Dioscorea bulbifera, Dioscorea oppositifolia, and common yam rhizome is recommended to diabetic subjects to postpone the onset of diabetic cataract, because a delay of cataract onset by 10 years can reduce the need for cataract surgery by as much as half [24].
Das, "Protective role of air potato (Dioscorea bulbifera) of yam family in myocardial ischemic reperfusion injury," Food & Function, vol.
Radix Dioscoreae Dioscorea bulbifera Linn bulbifera Omoto Nipponlily Rohdea japonica (Thunb.) Roth Herba Ephedrae Ephedra sinica Stapf Herba Gynurae Gynura japonica (Thunb.) Juel.
Presl., NA 35 Annonaceae, Kitafeeri T Road side Fr Annona muricata L., NA 5 Rutaceae, Sekyungwa T Homestead Fr Citrus sinensis Pers., compound NA 6 Solanaceae, Kamulari S Home Lvs/ Capsicum frutescens garden Fr L., NA 8 Dioscoreaceae, Makobe Twin Banana B Dioscorea bulbifera ner pl an t a t ion var.