Dioscorea trifida

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Noun1.Dioscorea trifida - tropical American yam with small yellow edible tubers
yam plant, yam - any of a number of tropical vines of the genus Dioscorea many having edible tuberous roots
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For each sample of Manihot esculenta starch, Musa paradisiaca, and Dioscorea trifida, the procedure was repeated in triplicate [20].
Otras especies se han utilizado para la elaboracion de galletas, con harinas extraidas de cinco especies de la biodiversidad vegetal amazonica (Dioscorea decorticans, Dioscorea trifida, Colocasia esculenta L., Schott, Bactris gasipaes HBK y Artocarpus comunis F.).
In the case of yams, Dioscorea trifida, a native species, was the most frequent in San Pablo, something that has not been described in previous work in home gardens of the Colombian Caribbean.
Domesticated by pre-Columbian peoples and of Neotropical distribution, Dioscorea trifida was probably the first yam species cultivated by indigenous peoples and immigrants from Europe and Africa in the Amazon (Lebot, 2009; Bousalem et al., 2010).