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n.1.(Chem.) One of the hexane paraffins, found in petroleum, consisting of two propyl radicals. See Hexane.
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1/2]) 5-Nitro-2-pyridyldisulfide -1,064 mV 4-Nitrophenyl disulfide -1,088 mV 3-Nitrophenyl disulfide -1,316 mV 4-Chlorophenyl disulfide -1,754 mV 4-Tolyl disulfide -1,966 mV Phenyl disulfide -1,990 mV 2-Pyridyl disulfide -2,071 mV 4-Methoxyphenyl disulfide -2,085 mV 4-Aminophenyl disulfide -2,252 mV Diallyl disulfide -2,950 mV Dipropyl disulfide -3,050 mV
The synthesis of diethyl adipate and dipropyl adipate was the same method above.
These include: Dipropyl disulphide (which is used as a flavor compound), Allicin (which has antidiabetic, antihypertensive, antibiotic and antithrombotic activities), diethyl sulphide (which is of insecticidal property), Dimethyl disulphide (which is used as a gas odorant and in chemical synthesis), Mercaptopropane or propylmercaptan (which is used as flavor compound).
COC (free base) was purchased from Sigma Chemical, and dimethylformamide (DMF), DMF dipropyl acetal (DMF-DPA), and DMF dimethyl acetal were purchased form Aldrich Chemical.
A novel slow-release nitrogen fertilizer poly(carbonyl urea)oligomer (PCUO) was prepared by the condensation polymerization of urea and dipropyl carbonate (DPrC) at normal pressure, in which anhydrous potassium carbonate was as a catalyst.
2]), or dipropyl ether-1,2-diol covalently linked via the 3' carbon [i.