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n.1.(Chem.) One of the hexane paraffins, found in petroleum, consisting of two propyl radicals. See Hexane.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(90) A Reactive disulfide Redox potential ([[E.sub.1/2]) 5-Nitro-2-pyridyldisulfide -1,064 mV 4-Nitrophenyl disulfide -1,088 mV 3-Nitrophenyl disulfide -1,316 mV 4-Chlorophenyl disulfide -1,754 mV 4-Tolyl disulfide -1,966 mV Phenyl disulfide -1,990 mV 2-Pyridyl disulfide -2,071 mV 4-Methoxyphenyl disulfide -2,085 mV 4-Aminophenyl disulfide -2,252 mV Diallyl disulfide -2,950 mV Dipropyl disulfide -3,050 mV
The synthesis of diethyl adipate and dipropyl adipate was the same method above.
Two of the esters identified, namely, butyl methyl phthalate (10) and dipropyl phthalate (13), might be impurities coming from the GC/MS system with plastic or rubber devices or contaminants introduced in the process of sample preparation [35].
For all the investigated onion landraces, quantitative analysis showed that di- and trisulfides, such as cis- and trans-methyl-1-propenyl disulfide, methyl-2-propenyl disulfide, dipropyl disulfide, cis- and trans-propenyl propyl disulfide, methyl propyl trisulfide, and dipropyl trisulfide, were the largest part, whose sum represents about 60% of S-compounds.
hookeri were identified as diallyl trisulfide, dimethyl trisulfide, dipropyl trisulfide, diallyl disulfide, and methyl allyl disulfide.
These include: Dipropyl disulphide (which is used as a flavor compound), Allicin (which has antidiabetic, antihypertensive, antibiotic and antithrombotic activities), diethyl sulphide (which is of insecticidal property), Dimethyl disulphide (which is used as a gas odorant and in chemical synthesis), Mercaptopropane or propylmercaptan (which is used as flavor compound).
pekinense, while a relatively large amount of dipropyl disulfide (16.76%) was identified in A.
COC (free base) was purchased from Sigma Chemical, and dimethylformamide (DMF), DMF dipropyl acetal (DMF-DPA), and DMF dimethyl acetal were purchased form Aldrich Chemical.