Dipsacus fullonum

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Noun1.Dipsacus fullonum - teasel with lilac flowers native to Old World but naturalized in North AmericaDipsacus fullonum - teasel with lilac flowers native to Old World but naturalized in North America; dried flower heads used to raise a nap on woolen cloth
teasel, teasle, teazel - any of several herbs of the genus Dipsacus native to the Old World having flower heads surrounded by spiny bracts
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Honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) saplings and invasive species including Russian olive (Elaeagnus angastifolia), common teasel (Dipsacus fullonum), and Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) also were present in the enclosures.
If you are brave you could introduce some Teasel Dipsacus Fullonum 1-2.5 meters tall, although it's a thug, it's well worth the effort of weeding out unwanted seedlings just to see a flock of excited goldfinches feasting on the seeds in the dead of winter.
Other herbaceous taxa from pseudomaquis samples include moderate amounts of nitrophilous elements suchs as Aster, Cardueae, Cichorioideae, Dipsacus fullonum, Rumex acetosella, Plantago lanceolata and Urtica dioica, as well as spores of some coprophilous non-pollen palynomorphs such as Coniochaeta, Riccia, Sordaria (maximum of 11%) and Sporormiella (Figure 4).
cabrerae, Dipsacus fullonum Metriocnemus knabi Sarracenia purpurea Metriocnemus sp Tillandsia tumeri Tillandsia guatemalensis Bromeliads, Dipsacus Heliamphora spp Orthocladius sp Bromeliads Orthocladiinae sp Aechmea nudicaulis, Neoregelia concentrica Phytotelmatocladius Bromelia balansae delarosai Bromeliads Bromeliads Tanypodinae Ablabesmyia Aechmea, Vriesea, costaricensis Billbergia Larsia sp Eryngium aff.
Raphanus Europe A sativus (L.) Rapistrum Mediterranean A-B rugosum (L.) Caryophy- Cerastium Europe A llaceae glomeratum (Thuill) Stellaria media Europe A (L.) Cirillo Dipsacaceae Dipsacus fullonum Europe-Asia B (L.) Honck.