Dipsacus sylvestris

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Noun1.Dipsacus sylvestris - European teasel with white to pink flowersDipsacus sylvestris - European teasel with white to pink flowers; naturalized in United States
teasel, teasle, teazel - any of several herbs of the genus Dipsacus native to the Old World having flower heads surrounded by spiny bracts
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Just to complicate matters, there is more than one type of teasel around, including a native one by the name of dipsacus sylvestris and the one which concerns us here, known as dipsacus sativus.
Vegetation management guidelines: cut-leaved teasel (Dipsacus laciniatus L.) and common teasel (Dipsacus sylvestris Hubs.).
Resultados similares fueron reportados para la especie herbacea Dipsacus sylvestris (Caswell & Werner 1978), donde [lambda] fue mas afectada por alteraciones en la tasa de maduracion de pequenas rosetas que por la de individuos grandes y reproductivos.