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While most words are vocalized, some are not; e.g., saytan 'satan' does not have the nunation which is present in the noun following it (suyu'iyyatun 'communism'), nor are any vowels indicated in the plural sayatinu 'satans', which is a diptote but not indicated thus (p.
73, note 1: makkatu 'Mecca' is a diptote, not a triptote.
Examples are "his attribute is not fully inflected" (na'tuhu la yansarifu) for a fool (ahmaq), (130) springing from the fact that forms in the category af'al (such as ahmaq) are diptotes; "he is of the judge's upbringing" (huwa min tarbiyat al-qadi) and "[he is] among the Prophet's proteges" (min 1-nabi) for a foundling, the former stemming from the judge's responsibility to undertake the foundling's upbringing relying on endowments, and the latter based on the tzadith in which the Prophet says, "I am the guardian of those who have no guardian" (and mawld man Id mawld lahu); (131) and "so-and-so has a need which cannot be satisfied by another person" (bi-fulanin hajatun la yaqdiha ghayruh) for defecating (qada' al-haja, lit.