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Noun1.Dirca - deciduous shrub of North America: leatherwoodDirca - deciduous shrub of North America: leatherwood
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
daphne family, family Thymelaeaceae, Thymelaeaceae - family of trees and shrubs and herbs having tough bark that are found especially in Australia and tropical Africa
Dirca palustris, ropebark, wicopy, leatherwood, moosewood, moose-wood - deciduous shrub of eastern North America having tough flexible branches and pliable bark and small yellow flowers
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Noteworthy phenotypic differentiation of populations within the accepted range for Dirca palustris has been illustrated already by Floden and Mayfield (2006) and Peterson et al.
Specifically, it provides a characterization of pits in Gnidia caffra (Meisn.) Gilg, Dirca palustris L., and two species of Pimelea with emphases on the presence or absence of a torus, the outline of the pit apertures, and presence or absence of vestures.
The prevailing underwoods were: Dirca palustris (moosewood), Acer spicatum (mountain maple), Viburnum lantanoides (hobblebush), and frequently Taxus baccata, var.
A s o n o f C h o i s i r - a l s o responsible for this season's star sprinter Starspangledbanner - Stimulation is out of the Thatching mare Damiana, a sister to Group 2-placed Dirca from the family of Group 1-winning juvenile Danishkada.
Ramsewak, R.S., Nair, M.G., DeWitt, D.L., Mattson, W.G., Zasada, J.: Phenolic Glycosides from Dirca palustris.
Thatching's set features a sister to Listed scorer and Graded-placed Dirca (365), while Dolphin Street has half-brothers to useful juveniles Secret Index (366) and Ecology (375) and a colt (387) out of a half-sister to Tarascon.