dire straits

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Noun1.dire straits - a state of extreme distress
straits, strait, pass - a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs
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After the First World War, the estate was in dire straights and despite lowering farm rentals the family was forced to let Terregles House in order to make ends meet.
We have seen hospital taking to Twitter and Facebook pleading for staff to some in because they are in such dire straights.
AC/DC's Brian Johnson, Ant and Dec, Dire Straights superstar Mark Knopfler, Lindisfarne and Joe McElderry among many other stars have donated their time.
What a scandal it is when the very people who oversee laws - including benefit changes which leave the very poor and most vulnerable of our society in dire straights - are using the system to fund their lifestyles.
With finances in dire straights, the Labour-controlled council still spend around PS500,000 each year supporting trade union representatives but surely, if these people are working full time on union work, then their 'proper' jobs don't need them.
USC looked like they were in dire straights after the loss to the Utes.
The bad news is that it can be tempting to overplay the hand, and you don't want to continuously push the action with something like A-4, knowing that your opponent can put you in dire straights with a pocket pair or a bigger ace.
Probably very sound advice as the Health Service we all depend on is in such dire straights thanks to his blinkered opinions and the Welsh Government's inept management of it over many years.
Although the country's capabilities were extremely limited and its economic conditions in dire straights, one wondered whether Tehran was best served by myopic visionaries who endangered others just as much as themselves.
His introduction to credit unions was when he was recruited to volunteer at West Point Federal Credit Union, which was in dire straights at the time.
We'd like to be doing better but we still have enough going for us domestically that we're not going to be in dire straights, just not as happy as we'd like to be.