Direct demonstration

(Logic & Math.) one in which the correct conclusion is the immediate sequence of reasoning from axiomatic or established premises

See also: Demonstration

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Those who are present here are all successful businessmen and your work is a direct demonstration that business is well-developed in Belarus.
As a direct demonstration of what the curator had just been talking about, the same performance group starts asking visitors to take part in a constellation they are forming.
neoformans is established by conventional methods like direct demonstration of the organism by Grams staining, Demonstration of capsule by negative staining, Cultivation of the organism, Biochemical reactions, Serological methods like demonstration of the capsular polysaccharide antigens in the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) and serum and other various molecular methods.
This is a direct demonstration in a large animal, using nuclear medicine technology, that we can reduce the amount of cocaine that reaches the brain sufficiently so that it is below the threshold by which you get the high," said Dr.
Only a few of these patients proceed to have MRI studies performed, where direct demonstration of tectorial membrane injury and REH is made possible.
More recently, PCR methods have allowed direct demonstration of B-virus infection without the risk of working with virus cultures (9,34,35).
One of the most appreciated and effective means of teaching is the direct demonstration of nursing care.
This represents "a beautiful, direct demonstration of quantum mechanics in action on the macroscopic scale," says Peter McClintock of Lancaster University in England.
NVMe Direct leveraging QLogic FastLinQ 45000 Series Controllers, the NVMe Direct demonstration enables high efficiency and high-performance peer-to-peer interactions between QLogic 25GbE RDMA NICs and NVMe flash storage, lowering CPU utilization and increasing IOPS.
Yet direct demonstration of this in humans has proven elusive.