Direct nomination

1.(Political Science) The nomination or designation of candidates for public office by direct popular vote rather than through the action of a convention or body of elected nominating representatives or delegates. The term is applied both to the nomination of candidates without any nominating convention, and, loosely, to the nomination effected, as in the case of candidates for president or senator of the United States, by the election of nominating representatives pledged or instructed to vote for certain candidates dssignated by popular vote.
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Youssef went on to say that if the General Convention does not approve any of the three, then the Shura council will submit three other names for direct nomination and that if one nominee declines then the process is repeated.
141) The novel idea that people should nominate public officers directly at the party primary first came into vogue in the late 1800s, but did not gain its full populist momentum for several years, during which a handful of other states began to experiment with this and other progressive ideas such as direct nomination of United States Senators and the initiative and referendum.
He was one of the three representatives put forward by the smaller courses when a new RCA constitution replaced regional representation with direct nomination by the racecourse groups.
In April, soon after the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) gave direct nominations to selected candidates, he said that was bad for democracy and had effectively killed the proposal for joint Nasa nominations.
Rahul is keen to introduce a democratic process to elect the state and other representatives rather than direct nominations which often lead to factionalism.
The Securities and Exchange Commission is encouraging more direct nominations of directors from shareholders, bypassing board nominating committees.
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