Direct process

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(Metal.) one which yields metal in working condition by a single process from the ore.

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For example, in a labor and delivery unit, you can assign one nurse to the triage area (area process) while another nurse is assigned to one or two specific patients (direct process).
We clustered related subdomains into four domains: (i) direct process metrics; (ii) surrogate process metrics; (iii) preconditions for engagement metrics; and (iv) aggregate process metrics.
He said that Senate, being the representative of federation, has an important role in the democracies throughout the world - including the United States and Pakistan; therefore, its election should be through proportionate representation on the basis of parties' strength in assemblies or through the direct process as is in practice in the US.
Subjecting justices to the direct process of election cannot be desirable or beneficial to the nation because direct election can only result in a partisan court whose members must woo voters to gain court membership.
Direct plate count quantified the direct process inactivation.
"In all my years as consultant, I have never seen such a strong solution providing direct process optimization opportunities as Celonis," explains Jan de Kievit, co-owner and COO of Dimensys.
Stages 1 and 2 belong to the direct process, while stages 3 and 4 are part of the interpretation process.
Meanwhile, many industries, especially manufacturing, use natural gas as a fuel or feedstock for direct process and non-process uses.
The direct process to determine isomorphism of these two kinematic chains can be expressed as follows.
Moldenhauer uses what he calls a simple and direct process. At the beginning of the seminar, the speaker tells the audience that if at the end of the seminar they have an interest in booking an immediate appointment, there is a person on-site to handle bookings.
Was this done from corporation to ROs through direct process .
The use of a direct process, where the compounding of the material is connected directly with the compression molding operation, improves the economics of the technology.