Direct vision

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(Opt.) vision when the image of the object falls directly on the yellow spot (see under Yellow); also, vision by means of rays which are not deviated from their original direction.

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I had sat down with a piece of work--for I was something or other that could sit-- on the old stone bench which overlooked the pond; and in this position I began to take in with certitude, and yet without direct vision, the presence, at a distance, of a third person.
Those who have a relatively direct vision of facts are often incapable of translating their vision into words, while those who possess the words have usually lost the vision.
smart riflescope which can provide direct vision on the user's smart goggle is also being developed.
Ear drops delivered under direct vision demonstrated rapid wicking through the tube channel in contrast to plastic tubes where surface tension causes the drop of fluid to sit on the tube orifice and not pass through the channel.
In IOU, the stricture is opened by a transurethral incision under direct vision and is preferred over other procedures in cases such as short and single stricture6.
The new measures also include improvements to the direct vision of bus and truck drivers and the removal of blind spots.
The "open" technique ensues opening the coronary using a long arteriotomy beyond the distal limit of the plaque and then removing the plaque under direct vision. The basic aim of both techniques is to remove the entire plaque to produce a lumen for anastomosis in a coronary that cannot otherwise be grafted due to diffuse disease.
And, thanks to mum-of-three Kate's work, a new London "direct vision standard" will be introduced this year, which means that vehicles that do not comply with the required standard of vision will not be allowed to enter the capital.
After taking time to enjoy the beauty of the central galaxy, the first step in the image's distance ladder was the group of galaxies to the east, easily seen with direct vision. These are the 13th- and 14th-magnitude objects NGC 7335, NGC 7337, and NGC 7340, with the slightly fainter and more distant NGC 7336 to their north.
These include closed (Veress), open (Hasson), direct trocar insertion, the use of disposable shielded trocars, radially expanding trocars and visual entry systems along with their various modifications.3 The closed method is the traditional one, while the open method is a more recent one.4 The closed technique involves the blind insertion of the Veress needle into the peritoneal cavity.5 The open method involves making an incision and then dissecting the fascia to the peritoneal cavity to introduce the cannula under direct vision.
The experiments carried out relate two different situations: with direct vision of the site of work by the operator, or without direct vision by internet interconnection (Fig.