Direct vision

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(Opt.) vision when the image of the object falls directly on the yellow spot (see under Yellow); also, vision by means of rays which are not deviated from their original direction.

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I had sat down with a piece of work--for I was something or other that could sit-- on the old stone bench which overlooked the pond; and in this position I began to take in with certitude, and yet without direct vision, the presence, at a distance, of a third person.
Those who have a relatively direct vision of facts are often incapable of translating their vision into words, while those who possess the words have usually lost the vision.
The HGV Safety Permit Scheme widens TfL's approach beyond direct vision as it helps to address a broader range of road danger risks.
After familiarizing myself with the galaxy, I could faintly see it with direct vision.
This technique provides direct vision and a good, safe working space.
In LUV procedure, submucosal tissue of the hemorrhoidal pile base was transfixed using absorbable sutures under direct vision through anoscope in the Jackknife position.
In our case we could continuously monitor our TT tube through the surgical field and we manoeuvred it under direct vision.
The complication can be prevented by the routine use of absorbable material in sutures outside the urinary bladder; no use of any suture through the urinary bladder and layer by layer closure of laparotomy wounds under direct vision.
4 Since the introduction of optical internal urethrotomy by Sachse in 1974 using a fine movable scalpel to incise urethral stricture under direct vision, this technique has been used as the primary treatment of new as well as recurrent strictures.
Both techniques allow surgeons to apply TAP block under direct vision prior to the surgery.
The control room is built on supports to overhang the rear end of the room so the controller has direct vision through a double-glazed observation panel - as well as his monitors.
The NG tube was documented as difficult to site, and there were several attempts at a blind insertion via the oral and nasal route, before successfully inserting under direct vision using a laryngoscope.