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n.1.One who directs; a director.
Directer plane
(Geom.) the plane to which all right-lined elements in a warped surface are parallel.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I will own that I am rather glad that sort of thing seems to be out of fashion now, and I think the directer and franker methods of modern fiction will forbid its revival.
Marc-Philippe Juilliard, a directer with S&P, told a press conference the twin crashes and the subsequent global grounding of the aircraft since March amounted to the "worst disaster in the history" of aviation insurance.
Paul Lloyd, health, safety and sustainability directer at Schneider Electric, said: "Health and safety is a fundamental pillar of what we do and we provide operational safety training to about 4,500 employees in the UK and our customer base.
Fletcher arrived on set for the Queen and Freddie Mercury biopic in late 2017, after original directer Bryan Singer -- accused of sexual misconduct -- was fired two weeks before wrapping up filming.
Later,Chief guest directer NAFA Intisar Ghori given away the man of the match award to Ataullah (Danish Kings School)General secretary United education society Syed Nabi Ahmed Rizvi, Dr Khalid mehmood and Javiad jamali were also present.
The apex court bench excused the Nacta chief and appointed Directer General (DG) Anti-Corruption Establishment of Lahore Asghar Khan to lead the JIT in the case.
In 1564, the queen herself had expressed this ethos when she declared, in a speech at Cambridge, 'there will be no directer, no fitter course, either to make your fortunes, or to procure the favor of your prince, than, as you have begun, to ply your studies diligently'.
Civic involvement: Civic involvement: Former Athletic Directer at Frassati Catholic Academy, coordinator of Market Day, led Vacation Bible School, walked 60 miles in 3 days 4 separate times for Susan G.
The judge also summoned the social welfare department directer general for Tuesday (today).
Written and directer byMahdi Fleifel,A Drowning ManstarsAtef Alshafei,Jalal Qaniry,Mounir Al khateeb,Rebih El-Saleous, andThymios Koukios.

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