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or Di•re Da•wa

(ˈdi reɪ dəˈwɑ)

a city in E Ethiopia. 194,587.
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These are Wondogenet Agricultural Research Center, Jimma Agricultural Research Center, Mecha Wereda Agricultural Bureau nursery field at Picolo Abay, Sirinka Agricultural Research Center (at Kobo Subcenter), and research field of Haramaya University at Diredawa (Tonny Farm).
Of the total budget, the federal government will retain 62.5%, while the remainder will go to the nine regional states and to the two city administrations of Addis Ababa and Diredawa. State minister for finance and economic development Sufian Ahmed said budget revenue will be secured from domestic financial resources, as well as foreign loans and aid.
Even when a foreign enemy took possession of one of our islands in the Red Sea, we did not send any jet fighters on a eIuscorched eartheIN blitzkrieg that would have easily sent the Eritreans back to their barracks in MusawaeIUa or Diredawa. Yet the Government, now surely a candidate for a eIufailed stateeIN status, insists that it is looking after the interest of all the people of Yemen.
In most districts, including Awasa, Zeway, Nazareth, Jimma, Diredawa, Debrezeit, and Wolayita, the number of cases showed clear seasonal fluctuation over time.
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