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a.1.Directed by a central authority; as, a dirigiste economy; with respect to economics, opposed to free-market. See also dirigisme.
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A dirigiste by necessity rather than conviction, Loucheur had no detailed plan for postwar reconstruction, feeling that a return to economic liberty would be the best stimulus to recovery.
The disputes that remain have to do with marginal issues: how fast to move from dirigiste to private enterprise systems and the extent to which there is a residual role for government in dealing with market imperfections.
It has been suggested that the better economic performance in France was partly reached because of more stable macroeconomic policies, which were of a more dirigiste nature compared to Britain.
The failure of the member states to develop Europeanwide public procurement policies, flexibly harmonized standards (those that did exist tended to be of a dirigiste and foolish nature, such as the definition of a sausage), and genuine open markets became increasingly visible, as did the character of the Community as a collection of sovereign states gathered together as subsidiaries to what appeared to be evolving as little more than an elaborate free trade agreement.
If it is such an overregulated societe bloquee laboring under a dirigiste state, why hasn't France's economy crashed?
Despite this repetition over the past forty years, any success that people in the United States have enjoyed regarding energy availability and productivity has been a consequence of individual ingenuity and creativity more than of dirigiste federal policies, and organic technological change has outstripped the capacity for political institutions to adapt to the changing conditions of a robust, dynamic global economy.
His was a lone and often ridiculed voice at a time when dirigiste regimes appeared to be prospering.
A national investment bank need not imply a dirigiste approach to economic activity, or the nationalisation of industries.
brutally overrides local preferences, and should Europe unite it will be so dirigiste and brittle a concoction it will disintegrate as surely as any empire.
Fourth point: the Canadian economy is significantly more dirigiste (i.
Summary: How did "Putinism" - that distinctively Russian blend of authoritarian politics and dirigiste economics - happen?