disability insurance

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disabil′ity insur`ance

insurance providing income to a policyholder who is disabled and cannot work.
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Noun1.disability insurance - social insurance for the disabled
social insurance - government provision for unemployed, injured, or aged people; financed by contributions from employers and employees as well as by government revenue
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So I work hard to help my clients accept those inevitabilities, especially when there's a relatively easy solution--in this case, income protection, in the way of disability income insurance. But, sadly, "I'll just prop a phone up to my head" isn't the only objection I come across
The reality about disability income insurance is the first priority.
Larry Schneider owns a brokerage firm exclusively devoted to and specializing in disability income insurance since 1976.
Disability Income Insurance has limitations and exclusions.
The purchase of a personal disability income insurance policy is not a life or death decision, but variations in contract provisions can result in significantly different benefits at the time you file a claim.
The WVMIA has identified The Union Central Life Insurance Company as a reliable, long-term provider of Disability Income insurance that we want to make available to WVSMA members.
Fortunately, your membership with the Appraisal Institute makes it easy for you to add disability income insurance to your portfolio.
For those who do have disability income insurance, their plans will replace half to two-thirds of their salary, if they are too sick or injured to work.
Few companies (15 percent) responding to the study offered employees the option of individual disability income insurance coverage to supplement the group plan.
Just as life insurance protects a family in case of the insured's death, disability income insurance protects both the insured and his or her family in case of the insured's disability.
Haman's new responsibilities involve increasing public knowledge about disability income insurance in his region.
Employers choose to provide a certain level of "core" life insurance, long-term disability income insurance or dental benefits by selecting at least two out of three coverages for their eligible employees.

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