n.1.The act of disappropriating.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The National Plan for Agrarian Reform (PNRA 1985 to 1989) envisaged disappropriation for non productively used rural properties: in the 1960s and 1970s, effective occupation of land was attested by the lack of forest in at least 50 percent of the area occupied; see http://portalantigo.incra.gov.br/index.php/servicos/publicacoes/ pnra-plano-nacional-de-reforma-agraria.
In other words, the disappropriation of all propriety constitutes the possibility for the appropriation of impropriety as such.
This spawns contradictions in the configuration of national literary histories for each part since not all focused products and producers reunite the desired requirements for each nation, as well as different appropriation or disappropriation strategies.
Greens leader Ioanna Panayiotou said it was a 'big lie' that President Makarios in the 1970s had agreed to discuss compensation or disappropriation for refugees as opposed to outright return.
The editors (of Earlham College and CNN International) also include a short introductory essay describing the conflict that is generally favorable to the Israeli perspective (invariably describing Israeli attacks as "responses," for example, and providing very little sense of the ongoing disappropriation of the Palestinians or its causes).
Alongside the legal disappropriation of the vecinal property (and its assimilation with the communal, public mounts), the politics of Franco (the Spanish dictator) had two further objectives: the communities' loss of management's capability and the radical alteration of uses.
It is also possible that what looks as a 'sale' from the perspective of the winners and the agents involved, namely the Tibetan and the collaborating ZanZun aristocracy, turns out to be a forceful disappropriation and thus 'redistribution' from the perspective of the losing ZanZun aristocracy and particularly their bondsmen.
As the passage also shows, Creoles are thus constructed as the "natural" allies of the English and as bound to them with ties of emotion rather than with threats of disappropriation. A psychological side-effect of this policy has been that lighter shade of color has been valued not only as ensuring access to economic opportunities but as something desirable in and of itself.
But it added: "Despite these reforms, many forms of favoritism, nepotism, disappropriation of public money and abuse of public position continue to impact many sectors of the Palestinian society."
(31) In light of this refusal to acknowledge the material benefits of her father's career, it is worthwhile to mention that Nissen's sister Hilde Schramm cofounded a charitable foundation dedicated to returning the spoils of Nazi disappropriation of Jewish property by supporting the creative and artistic endeavors of Jewish women.