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n.1.A shutting off; exclusion.
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In group A with balanced occlusion, minimum of three point contacts, 2mm overjet and 1mm overbite to keep a low angle of disclusion was established in anterior tooth setup to facilitate balanced occlusion in eccentric movement.
Once this is achieved, either by reduction enameloplasty or by addition to teeth, immediate posterior disclusion in <0.
Worth, IL, USA), directly in the oral cavity and adapted onto the maxillary central incisor teeth, obtaining disclusion of up to 1 mm between the upper and lower teeth (Figure 1) (Nassar et al.
In the natural dentition, the canine guide is the most frequent disclusion pattern during contacting border movements.
One of the incisal tables without disclusion was placed on the articulator so that the tip of the incisal pole contacted the incisal table in centric relation.
Disclusion of all the posterior teeth in protrusive movements.