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n.1.The quality of being discoverable.
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Toward that end, agreements in the recent past on common metadata standards, information organization, resource presentation, exchange protocols, and industry practices will expand researchers' discoverability outcomes and further improve database interface design, interoperability, search algorithms, and web-scale discovery platforms.
In view of the fact that Facebook currently is taking the opportunity from all its members to decide themselves about their own discoverability under their name, our initiative is more urgent than ever."
Some areas explored include creating hierarchical structures visually, sketching and prototyping, discoverability, and guerilla usability testing.
She is the author of the publication E-Reference Context and Discoverability in Libraries: Issues and Concepts, which is highlighted in IGI Global's ALIS newsletter.
Kroll Ontrack reviewed 84 of the most significant e-discovery cases of 2010 and reported the frequency with which they addressed the following issues: procedural issues 17% (search protocol, cooperation) production 18% considerations privilege considerations 11% and waivers computer forensics 8% protocols and experts * cost considerations 2% * discoverability and 2% admissibility issues * preservation and 2% spoliation issues (but not sanctions) sanctions 39% Source: Kroll Ontrack 2010 Discovery Trend Data Note: Table made from pie chart.
E-books are great for increasing discoverability of books, which is great for publishers.
The upgrade delivers apps with a new design, extends their reach to more devices, and gives publishers the option to increase the discoverability of their app with a free banner creation tool, he added.
CASE FACTS: The issue as to the discoverability and eventual admissibility of a hospital's records (as well as those of physicians and other health care providers), arose in the context of a motor vehicle accident case.
Conversely, undiscovered knowledge is unknown knowledge in the form of "uncaptured" phenomena that possess the potential of discoverability. The fulfillment of this potential of discovery is contingent on both existing and future mechanical and/or theoretical technology.
In these cases the community united to standardize the structure of the data and its associated metadata, and to create centralized repositories to facilitate deposition, promote discoverability, and ensure the longevity of the data.
Semantic enrichment strategically brings focus to the main message of the content, makes specific content stand out above the rest of the narrative, and further enhances the discoverability of the content--through either 'human' or 'machine' processing of information.
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