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Significantly, the Imagists are not presented as members of a discrete movement with a shared history and common affinities, but are rather brought into alliance with European attempts to refigure the many crises of the gendered body in industrial modernity.
Analysis of joint coordination in discrete movement phases may be of benefit in identifying intrinsic sources of variability in dynamic tasks that involve multiple movement phases.
In simple terms, Hoffmann's model suggests that a user will split the hand movement into n steps, and each step will consist of a discrete movement and a waiting period equivalent to the lag duration.
For example, Weiss (1954), Stelmach (1968), and Ellis (1969) have reported that adding elastic resistance to a discrete movement has negligible effects on positional accuracy, whereas a series of studies conducted by Bahrick and colleagues (Bahrick, Bennett, & Fitts, 1955; Bahrick, Fitts, & Schneider, 1955; Briggs, Fitts, & Bahrick, 1957) have produced equivocal results.
During this time, the number of times the tadpole crossed the center line and the number of discrete movements (any movement by the animal separated by a visible period of immobility lasting greater than I sec) was recorded.
The biggest gains can typically be made in the most intensive applications with the largest number of discrete movements but efficiency can be improved in almost every process with careful planning and implementation.
continuous or discrete movements. PRP measures may be easily attained during continuous cyclical movement tasks, such as walking or frequency induced postural sway, where clear displacement peaks of the comparison angles are repeatedly attainable.
Recent studies of humans learning to compensate for visual distortion have shown that practice based on discrete movements leads to rapid learning that transfers well to rhythmic execution of the same movements.
Tetangco said a gradual rather than "discrete movements" would be "less disruptive and would help businesses to plan better."
Gradual rather than discrete movements would be less disruptive and would help businesses plan better," Tetangco said in a statement Thursday morning.
Imagine a practitioner of t'ai chi going through his or her exercises: no discrete movements, but smooth motion from one position to the next.

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