Discrete quantity

that which must be divided into units, as number, and is opposed to continued quantity, as duration, or extension.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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While uncountable nouns, are associated with CONTINUOUS quantity and designate mass, countable nouns relate to DISCRETE quantity and refer to objects.
While all example sentences in (1) have the studied nouns with the indefinite article, the sentences in (2) contain nouns expressing multiplex discrete quantity in space.
Under scenarios of discrete quantity, the strategies of "resorting to the content" and "resorting to merger or re-combination of the content" are most commonly adopted for problem solving.
Analyzing the content of the Taiwanese teaching materials for equivalent fractions led us to the conclusion that the existing examples addressed the issue of flexible thinking in continuous quantity and discrete quantity scenarios.
After the structure of the fuzzy controller is determined, discrete the input value and do the fuzzy processing to establish the correspondence between the discrete quantity and the fuzzy quantity, so the transform between the precise quantity and the fuzzy quantity can be achieved.
For one thing, as we noted already, quantity is a category, and it is divided into the continuous and the discrete: continuous quantity according to one, two, and three dimensions, and discrete quantity as number, and speech.
Recently Steffe and Olive (2010) presented an argument that children's understanding of fractions involves the reorganisation of their knowledge of discrete quantity (i.e., "how many" with whole numbers) based on their construction of number sequences, rather than developing fraction understanding independently of whole-number understanding.
Considering these, we have chosen the high-speed photography method, which consists in continuously video recording of the human subjects during normal locomotion (4.5/5.6 km/h), followed afterwards by image discrete quantity, which succeed in 1/250 frames per second.
All material particles are composed by QS that vibrate at appropriate frequencies and that, in virtue of these vibrations, become seat of a discrete quantity of energy in the "entropy-state".
But if a message were carried by a lone photon--the smallest discrete quantity of light-intruders would be easier to detect.
QS become seat of a discrete quantity of energy (in the "entropystate") in virtue of a vibration at an appropriate frequency.
Percent increase or decrease could be classified as a "stretching and shrinking" problem, although it is noted that in this case the relationship being considered is the scaling up of a discrete quantity not a continuous quantity as described by Lamon (1993).

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