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The act of making mathematically discrete.
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The [S.sub.e] was discretised by the resolution of 0.01, and the number and frequency of values in each moisture interval were counted and calculated.
The coolant domain is discretised as shown in Figure 19.
The upper die, lower die, billet, container and ram were discretised by an absolute finite element meshing style.
They have applied these preconditioners to the solution of saddle point problems, such as nearly incompressible elasticity and Stokes problems discretised by Taylor-Hood finite elements.
The projection measurement [I.sub.qp] is approximated as a finite sum going through the 3D field, that is, discretised into a total number of [N.sub.vox] voxels, via (1).
Equation (4) was discretised and calculated by Feflow Software, which was developed by WASY Institute for Water Resources Planning and Systems Research, Germany.
Before processing data streams, spark divides them into small portions and transforms them into a set of RDDs (Resilient Distributed Datasets) named DStream (Discretised Stream).
If time evolution is discretised with the index n, then the finite differences version of such equations are, respectively,
Boussinesq equations are solved by implicit finite difference techniques and the convective terms are discretised using central differences and the normal ADI algorithm for numerical integration.
The end mill is also discretised into superimposed discs along its revolving axis in such a way that each of them interacts with one 2D contour.
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