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v. i.1.To erase from a roll or list.
[imp. & p. p. Disenrolled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Disenrolling.]
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Many individuals disenroll prior to recertification despite the protection afforded by continuous enrollment.
In practice, however, Medicare's capitated payment system instead gives health plans and subcapitated providers incentives to attract low-risk patients and disenroll high-risk patients.
The health plans participating in the program were concerned about adverse selection and the negative financial impact if families were allowed to enroll, disenroll, and re-enroll their children with no penalty.
In order to fill in this gap in the literature we begin our analyses by describing two basic features of enrollment in separate freestanding SCHIP programs: (1) how long children enrolled in SCHIP are likely to remain enrolled, and (2) whether children who disenroll from SCHIP are likely to re-enroll at a later time.
In addition, there is evidence that sicker enrollees may disenroll from plans (Morgan et al.
During your first 12 months in a Medicare HMO, you can disenroll and repurchase your old medigap policy at the same price (if it is still being offered in your State).
Conversely, with a monthly option to disenroll mandated by Congress at the time of this study, beneficiaries who were dissatisfied may have disenrolled.
Most beneficiaries in Medicare HMOs remain in an HMO for some time, and only a small proportion disenroll each year.
This result indicates that FFS beneficiaries are healthier than short-term HMO enrollees who subsequently disenroll and who, in turn, are healthier than longer-term HMO enrollees who disenroll.