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 (dĭsh′wŏsh′ĭng, -wô′shĭng)
The act or process of washing dishes.
Of, relating to, or used for washing dishes: a dishwashing liquid.
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Noun1.dishwashing - the act of washing dishesdishwashing - the act of washing dishes    
lavation, washing, wash - the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water)
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Cascade, continually looking for ways to make the dish cleaning experience better and environmentally friendly, has developed a new ultra-durable packaging for Cascade ActionPacs, which enable consumers to skip the prewash.
Wattanavrangkul gave a list of measures which are currently under consideration, including the strict observance of hygiene standards by vendors, food stalls which are uniform and have a "local identity," mandatory training programs for all personnel dealing with street food, a mandatory test which vendors must pass, and special attention paid to dish cleaning and waste management.
Supracare 425 offers high shine and superior skin sensorials to hand dish cleaning products and the new Acusol Millennium suspension aid for laundry and hand dish detergent offers sensorial benefits, too, according to company executives.