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 (dĭsh′wŏsh′ĭng, -wô′shĭng)
The act or process of washing dishes.
Of, relating to, or used for washing dishes: a dishwashing liquid.
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Noun1.dishwashing - the act of washing dishesdishwashing - the act of washing dishes    
lavation, washing, wash - the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water)
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So you must try to be contented with making your name boyish, and playing brother to us girls," said Beth, stroking the rough head with a hand that all the dish washing and dusting in the world could not make ungentle in its touch.
The donations include 960 pieces soap bars worth P26,880; 1,920 pieces of toothbrush worth P28,800; 400 pieces dish washing liquid worth P17,200; and 960 laundry powder worth P4,800.
The volunteers mixed ingredients to produce dish washing liquid, liquid bath soap and hand sanitizers.
The company said that Bounty paper towels, Charmin toilet tissue, and Puffs facial tissue would be taxed, as well as Cascade automatic dish washing detergent, Febreze aerosols, Pantene hair sprays and Olay body wash and more, the report says.
Quality offerings from National Detergent include Bahar Fresh Blossom detergent powder, Bahar Enzymatic low foam detergent, Bahar Ultra Dish washing liquid, Bahar Fabric Softener, Bahar Abaya, Bahar Clean disinfectant, Bahar Antiseptic, No.1 detergent powder, No.1 action plus dish washing liquid, etc.
If the stain is a non-oily food stain or dirt, mix a solution of one teaspoon liquid dish washing detergent with one cup cool water.
The sectors identified for recycling of marble waste are cement manufacturing, lime, dish washing powder, bricks, tough tiles and hollow blocks making.
It has Palmolive Shower gel, Handwash and shaving cream and Charmis all purpose cream in the personal care segment and Axion dish washing paste in the household care segment.
Topical dish-washing soap has been found in one study to be an effective alternative (Dial Ultra Dish washing Soap [no longer available] e was the product used, but any surfactant-based dish-washing detergent is likely effective).
* To minimize water needed to scrub dirty pots, soak them overnight in rinse water left from dish washing.