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But in 2007, five years after he joined up aged 20, he accepted a dishonourable discharge in a bid to get out of the Army.
This dishonourable discharge will be followed by another comeback and the cycle will be repeated again.
He was sentenced to 30 days' confinement and given a dishonourable discharge.
The judge gave Bowe Bergdahl a dishonourable discharge, reduced his rank to private and said he must forfeit pay equal to 1,000 dollars (PS765) per month for 10 months.
He told how Williams had joined the Army at 16 but found he had "bitten off more than he could chew" and took action leading to a dishonourable discharge.
The annual meeting of the Supreme Military Council -- chaired by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and including the top brass -- followed the dishonourable discharge of nearly 1,700 military personnel over their alleged roles in the abortive putsch on July 15-16.
Recorder Paul Taylor showed leniency after being told jail would mean a dishonourable discharge.
Then he went on to say: "When they kicked me out and gave me a dishonourable discharge, this made me ineligible for any medical treatment [through DND].
However, I was still given a dishonourable discharge from the Royal Navy on the claim that my sole aim was to discredit their public image.
A SOLDIER is expected to be kicked out of the Army with a dishonourable discharge after hurling drunken abuse at police ocers.
Their recommendation should have teeth and the police official should know that the committees' views can result in their demotions, stoppage of salary, stoppage of annual increment, suspension from job and even dishonourable discharge.
If they find users, it's an instant dishonourable discharge.