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 (dĭz′nē), Walter Elias Known as "Walt." 1901-1966.
American animator, showman, and film producer. Noted for his creation of the cartoon characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, he pioneered the use of sound and color in animation. In 1923 he founded the Walt Disney Company, now one of the largest entertainment and media corporations in the world.


(Biography) Walt(er Elias). 1901–66, US film producer, who pioneered animated cartoons: noted esp for his creations Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and films such as Fantasia (1940)
ˌDisneyˈesque adj


(ˈdɪz ni)

Walt(er E.), 1901–66, U.S. creator and producer of animated cartoons, motion pictures, etc.
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Noun1.Disney - United States film maker who pioneered animated cartoons and created such characters as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck; founded Disneyland (1901-1966)
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3 Disney shares will be issued for each Pixar share.
In 1971 they produced two issues of an underground comic book in which a number of Disney characters, particularly Mickey, engaged in very un-Disney-like behavior, particularly sex.
The full reversal of Disney's critical fortunes was marked by the 1968 publication of Richard Schickel's scathing The Disney Version, which took Disney's measure in relation to the values of the counterculture and pronounced him vulgar, sentimental, and dehumanized, an assessment which has since become more or less entrenched as an upper-middlebrow shibboleth.
For one thing, it had become difficult to face my Long Island students as a Disney virgin, and maintain credibility as an authority on popular culture.
The 40-year-old Weiss will assume leadership of the entire Walt Disney World resort destination including its three theme parks, five gated resort attractions, five tournament golf courses and 23 themed resorts.
Disney was able to gain the support of the black lawmakers after making hiring commitments.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Bringing great taste and nutrition together at a price moms will love, General Mills and Disney Consumer Products introduce three new Big G cereals: Disney's Little Einsteins Fruity Stars, Disney's Princess Fairytale Flakes and Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Berry Crunch.
I think it would be good for both sides in that it would allow the existing relationships with Pixar content and Disney distribution to continue,'' said Peter Jankovskis, director of research at Lisle, Illinois-based Oakbrook Investments LLC, which has more than 700,000 Disney shares.
No one thought of Paramount or Universal productions this way, but Disney had carved out a niche.
Disney today announced the renaming of its video game business unit to Disney Interactive Studios at the company's investor conference in Orlando.
Disney and Stanley Gold asked the board to ``engage an independent executive recruiting firm to conduct a worldwide search for a strong, visionary leader.
We are witnessing an explosion of media and Disney is both reaping the benefits of that explosion and acting as a catalyst by taking a technology-friendly approach," said Iger, noting that the company was the first to offer movies and TV shows for download on iTunes last year.