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1. The establishment or alteration of business activity to conform with the goals or image of a corporation, especially in the elimination of controversial, sensitive, or potentially offensive activities or material.
2. The presentation of historical or cultural material in an expurgated or distorted fashion in an effort to appeal to a large number of tourists or consumers.

[After Walter Elias Disney and the Walt Disney Company, the entertainment corporation he founded .]

Dis′ney·fy′ (-nē-fī′) v.
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To be honest, I didn't really expect to enjoy this place: Grey Street has enough chains already and this is a Disneyfication of a real Brazilian restaurant.
COULDN'T tell you what "Disneyfication" or "Anglicisation" translate as in Italian or Swiss German.
While this is to be encouraged, we must nevertheless guard against the Disneyfication of history.
Main chunk of time is spent on Giuliani's years as mayor, when his zero tolerance policies received worldwide attention and outsiders praised the Disneyfication of Babylon-on-the-Hudson.
Clearly, it's the usual Disneyfication of nature at work here.
This may be Africa viewed largely through western eyes - a Disneyfication, if you like - but that doesn't mean it isn't a feast for the senses.
But I write idiosyncratic books, exclusively about Wales and my perception of being Welsh, mainly because I am unequivocally Welsh, but also as a reaction to the Disneyfication of British culture over the last 30 years.
The project has not been without its critics, who have blasted it as the "Disneyfication" of Berlin.
A properly researched scientific paper would help lessen the current 'Disneyfication' of fish and provide a framework within which anglers can go about their business, fish and continue their vital conservation work, in harmony with the environment as they have always been.
And when we're not seeing nature red in tooth and claw, we're subjected to the Disneyfication of wildlife, with animals presented as though they were children, complete with coy talk about "making friends ...
This fits in with the questions her work poses about the "Disneyfication of culture." Republic (based on Plato's The Republic) looks like a fairytale Disney castle, but this idealised vision is decaying at it's core and possibly on the verge of collapse.
Sir, - The central facts of the proposed Cathedral Square scheme are, first, that the Cathedral Square is good as it is and does not need pounds 3,000,000 worth of Disneyfication.