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1. The establishment or alteration of business activity to conform with the goals or image of a corporation, especially in the elimination of controversial, sensitive, or potentially offensive activities or material.
2. The presentation of historical or cultural material in an expurgated or distorted fashion in an effort to appeal to a large number of tourists or consumers.

[After Walter Elias Disney and the Walt Disney Company, the entertainment corporation he founded .]

Dis′ney·fy′ (-nē-fī′) v.
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6) For a study of the role of fairy tales in the history of Italian cinema, see Bacchilega, according to whom fairy-tale films "had a significant part in cinematic production and reception in Italy, offering alternatives to the Disneyfication of Pinocchio and animation; adapting fairy-tale tropes to other film genres; and providing a sense of wonder with mixed effects in a tradition where neorealism, comedy, and thrillers are most acclaimed" (107).
It was built in the '80s as part of the Disneyfication of Ye Olde Tyger Baye.
To say that the assault of murals, surfboards, pictures of Bob Marley and loud reggae music is a bit of a Disneyfication is putting it mildly, but it was so over the top, I quite approved.
We don't want the Disneyfication and turning Liverpool into a Beatles theme park.
She is outraged by the current disneyfication of former slave plantations and is disconcerted by the attitude of her fifty-year-old New York Jewish editor, who is as thrilled about an upcoming plantation tour as if she had "just been promised a trip to Disneyland" (55).
Some funny and universal aspects of scrounging money for beer or drugs or sneaking into the show or getting chased (and sometimes beaten) by cops, but New York City has always been its own beast, especially decades before the gentrification and Disneyfication.
One letter of objection raised concerns over "the slippery slope leading towards the Disneyfication of the castle into an Alton Towers-style theme park".
It promotes pop-images, has to do with the process of disneyfication (Viesand et al.
Summary: Jumeirah Group chief executive officer Gerald Lawless opens up to Dean Carroll on everything from building a global brand and avoiding Disneyfication in hotels to disruptive technology, the Qatar World Cup and much more besides
In the first film, the museum was in the midst of declining attendance and budget cuts, until word got out about the institution's enchanted nighttime special effects--the Disneyfication of history, if you will--and lines formed around the block.
Cllr Haworth said: "The Victorian landscape, which has survived despite years of neglect, is in need of help now - not this Disneyfication.
So how can they dodge Disneyfication, eschew schlocky themes, avoid portraying women as victims and stay relevant to today's culture while representing people and circumstances that are recognizable and riveting?