v. i. & n.1.See Dispense.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Dispence 100pl of sample Diluent to required number of wells except Blank well.
(79) In 1691, he was told that "we cannot possibly dispence with your coming home this year ...
It also incensed Parliament, hinting at the High Church bias of its members, but more particularly, it discomfited Queen Anne, as it specifically claimed her as "a True Church of England Queen." (2) Perhaps most damaging was the pamphlet's assertion, in regards to the Queen's promise of religious tolerance towards Dissenters, that "Her Majesty has promised to Protect and Defend the Church of England, and if she cannot effectually do that without the Destruction of the Dissenters, she must of course dispence with one Promise to comply with another" (124).
Well, caddies are there to be just that - caddies not photographers And real golfers want their caddie to dispence advice on golf, not take snaps, sell Hershey bars and give you a shoe shine.
must The selyo housbonde algateo he moot paye, hapless, in any event He moot us clothe, and he moot us arraye, Al for his owene worshipe richely, In which array we daunce jolily, And if that he noght may, par aventureo, by chance Or ellis list no swich dispence endure, But thinketh it is wasted and ylost, Than moot another payen for oure cost, Or leneo us gold, and that is perilous.o (10-19) loan, dangerous The monk is then introduced (25-52), with details about his friendly relationship with the merchant-husband and his gregarious nature.
As Salmacis blindfolds herself to mock Hermaphroditus's infatuation with Cupid, she also punctuates her initial wooing of him with a threatening allusion to the fate of Narcissus: Fayre boy, thinke not thy beauty can dispence With any payne due to a bad offence; Remember how the gods punisht that boy That scorn'd to let a beauteous Nymph enjoy Her long wisht pleasure; for the peevish elfe, Lov'd of all other, needs would love himself.
It can be used for automated inspections, pick and place, dispence, and numerous other flexible automation and precision inspection applications.
When Kings and Fathers, oil their Sons and Subjects Exact intollerable things to bear, Nature and Self-defence dispence with duty.
Emphasizing his liberality, rather than just the indulgence in worldly pleasures monks were often criticized for, only makes him a more powerful model of desire that has achieved its object to a point of self-sufficiency: "Free was daun John, and manly of dispence" (43).