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n.1.One who, or that which, displays.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Using a three-dimension head mounted displayer in audio-visual sexual stimulation aids in differential diagnosis of psychogenic from organic erectile dysfunction.
Demographic and Age Display Characteristics of Participants N=297 N (%) Gender Female 164 Male 132 Age [Mean (SD)] 18.03 (0.4) University Midwest University 176 (59.3) Northwest University 121 (40.7) Ethnicity African American/Black 5 (1.7) Asian 33 (11.1) Caucasian/White 224 (75.4) East Indian 3 (1.0) Native American/Alaskan 1 (0.34) Hispanic 8 (2.7) More than one 19 (6.4) Other 3 (1.0) Age Display Changer 48 (16.2) Female 28 (58.3) Male 20 (41.7) Age Concealer 123 (41.4) Female 75 (70.0) Male 48 (30.0) Age Displayer 126 (42.4) Female 61 (48.4) Male 65 (51.6) Table 2.
The breathing electrode and electrocardiograph displayer were connected.
Inzamam admitted that conditions in New Zealand are tough, but the Green Shirts displayer poor performance according to him.
The scanned images display on the digital panel displayer on the opposite.
Each strength task lasted 1-2 s and the subject can adjust the performing strength according to the displayer mentioned earlier.
Metal In (mp: 157[degrees]C), which is mainly used in the manufacture of displayers, such as liquid crystal displayer and flat screen, and OFN (mp: 87[degrees]C) with excellent planarity, which is a representative fluorine-containing compound (Figure 1), are chosen as the conformers for 26NCA (mp: 313[degrees]C) to prepare tunable blue fluorescence composite films.
In the information era, computers have more functions other than word and data processing, and hence human-computer interaction interfaces are not merely keyboard and displayer. Multimedia computers, namely personal computers equipped with multimedia processing functions, can synthesize image, text, animation and video.
During this interaction, the transcript displayer and command displayer display the utterance and the interpreted command.
"The new program helps students find a career in fashion designing, modeling, operating a boutique store or alteration shop, store buyer, window displayer, interior designing and more.
I have never seen a case where a show-goer got into a big argument with a displayer, although I'm sure it has happened, people being what they are.
The displayer of the pata--the singer of the story that accompanies the scroll--may not be the same as its painter so the images much allow for variation in interpretation.