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n.1.One who, or that which, displays.
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1Acrylic Seed Displayer, 6 Cavity,Paper Tags (Different Colours) 8 Tassel Bags 9 Silk Bags (Butter Paper Bags) 10 Stitching Thread (For Automated Bag Stitching Machine) 11 Lavender Planting Material 12 Hazelnut Plants Rooted In Poly Bags, 2 Or More Years Old 13 Dais 14 Tea Poi 15 Measuring Tape (100Ft.
Inzamam admitted that conditions in New Zealand are tough, but the Green Shirts displayer poor performance according to him.
2014) Other studies have linked sexual reference displays with sexual intention and even heightened sexual expectations of the displayer.
Her favorite example is a giant M&M displayer that holds assorted candy.
In the information era, computers have more functions other than word and data processing, and hence human-computer interaction interfaces are not merely keyboard and displayer.
During this interaction, the transcript displayer and command displayer display the utterance and the interpreted command.
I have never seen a case where a show-goer got into a big argument with a displayer, although I'm sure it has happened, people being what they are.
The displayer of the pata--the singer of the story that accompanies the scroll--may not be the same as its painter so the images much allow for variation in interpretation.
The fourth stop on the clockwise journey is the badge host organization or displayer.
Available in 15-ounce tubs, 2-ounce dip cups in 6-packs and as singles in a displayer.
A study titled "The effect of directed focus of the learner and cognitive load in animation perception" was done by Amadeo et al in Tolus University of France in 2010 and the results are as following: This study was about the effect of Cueing on cognitive load and the perception of the animations that the displayer of the dynamic process were in neurobiology.
Tissue cross sectional area was obtained by displaying the images through a Maxitron displayer and Adobe program and using the MacIntosh version NIH 1.