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n.1.One who, or that which, displays.
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Some prolonged bouts ceased when the motivation of the displayer appeared to wane.
13 Operation Displayer Type: Led Displayer, 14 Basket Type : Incorporated , 15 Rated Speed M/Min :3, 16 Bin Full Indicator: No , 17 Warranty Whole Unit : One Year, 18 Product Size L X W X Hmm : 350 X 190 X 450, 19 Net Weight Kg : 7Kg.
The displayer of the pata--the singer of the story that accompanies the scroll--may not be the same as its painter so the images much allow for variation in interpretation.
The fourth stop on the clockwise journey is the badge host organization or displayer.
A study titled "The effect of directed focus of the learner and cognitive load in animation perception" was done by Amadeo et al in Tolus University of France in 2010 and the results are as following: This study was about the effect of Cueing on cognitive load and the perception of the animations that the displayer of the dynamic process were in neurobiology.
Tissue cross sectional area was obtained by displaying the images through a Maxitron displayer and Adobe program and using the MacIntosh version NIH 1.
The distorter of placement, the chafer of necks, the twister of thumbs, but above all, the displayer of the ballerina's legs.
We will also have new gift sets for the fourth quarter in specially designed displayer units.
And, as long as the developer engaged mechanisms to elicit truthful valuations-which Fennell describes in detail, but which I leave to one side for purposes of brevity-this ESSMO device would enable the developer to achieve an optimal level of flamingo displays: neighbors would only call in flamingo display rights when the collective disutility of a display exceeded its utility to the displayer.
South Africa, and in nervous colonial offices around the world, the black boxer Jack Johnson, defiant public consort of white women and flamboyant displayer of his wealth and fame, soundly defeated the white champion Jim Jeffries.
Without intending to deliver an overall displayer or even a comprehensively comparing assessment, two quite popular concepts are mentioned here and one of it is focused on in more detail.