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a.1.Pertaining to disposition.
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He highlighted the value of ethical and dispositional discourse within teacher preparation.
On appeal, he renews his argument that he is entitled to a new dispositional hearing because the trial court erred when it denied his trial counsels request for a continuance and proceeded to hold the dispositional hearing even though A.
This volume focuses on the cross-cultural study of dispositional traits and addresses the extent to which trait structure is universal versus unique across cultures.
As a personality characteristic, dispositional self-determination refers to a general trait related to the extent to which people consider themselves to be the author of their own behavior (Deci & Ryan, 2000; Sheldon, 1995).
The dispositional optimism construct has been studied by a large field termed positive Psychology, and can be understood as a person's stable tendency to believe that good things will happen to them, instead of bad things.
Thus, for those who are more inclined to experience envy and who exhibit characteristics of high dispositional envy, social comparisons often lower their self-esteem and cause them to perceive themselves as inferior (Milfont & Gouveia, 2009).
Is Dispositional Causation Just Mutual Manifestation?
First, it tests the unique effects of dispositional variables typically associated with resilience (i.
There is accountability for a dispositional breech found in a contract other than the formal contract.
Based on self-determination theory (SDT), the main goal of this study is to analyze dispositional flow and social physique anxiety (SPA) that could be predicted by gender, BMI and motivational regulations and to examine motivational regulations, dispositional flow and SPA of college students in terms of stage of change for exercise.
Importantly, not only behavioral regulations but also the feelings of exercisers such as dispositional flow and social physique anxiety have been influenced by BMI (Greenleaf, 2005; Hausenblas and Fallon, 2002).
This study examined whether gender and coping efficacy for career barriers moderated the relationship between both positive and negative dispositional affect and perceptions of career barriers.