Dissipation of energy

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Same as Degradation of energy, under Degradation.

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The tear energy and dissipation of energy were compared among SPAAc, HPAAc-[Fe.sup.3+], and SHPAAc-[Fe.sup.3+] (Fig.
Unlike conventional electrical conductors, such topological edge paths can carry electrical current with near-zero dissipation of energy, meaning that topological transistors could burn much less energy than conventional electronics.
Such appreciation would help to prevent unnecessary acts of vendetta masquerading as fight against corruption and would ensure that the entire society benefits from concerted efforts at combatting corruption instead of dissipation of energy on needless pursuits of acts of victimisation.
In fact, the failure process of coal samples is accompanied by the continuous absorption and dissipation of energy. The absorbed energy is mainly from the work done by the rock mechanical test system.
AOne common method is based on detection of the degradation products of the insulating oil, typically dissolved gases that are produced as a result of an abnormal dissipation of energy within the transformer.
In the case of a small disorientation of the deformation texture, the dissipation of energy is insignificant.
For specimens FR10, FR12 and FR14, it can be observed that almost constant maximum value of [xi] is recorded at relatively small displacements, which can be explained with influence of glass-to-wood friction dissipation of energy at lower displacement amplitudes.
The coincidence of two natural frequencies initiates the intensification of the first mode of rotational vibrations and the second mode of flexural as well as dissipation of energy in the tool holder material (2line) decreasing consequently the transverse vibration amplitudes.
Instead, the arrangement presented in Frame 3 is suggested as the drift recorded at that level allows maximum displacements and thus dissipation of energy.
Every student of thermodynamics grasps entropy growth in terms of dissipation of energy. The real nature of energy and entropy is subtle.
Since the fibers act once the crack is opened so generally they do not affect the initial secant stiffness of the structural members and after cracking of concrete, they act as energy dissipator and improve dissipation of energy.