Dissipation of energy

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Same as Degradation of energy, under Degradation.

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AOne common method is based on detection of the degradation products of the insulating oil, typically dissolved gases that are produced as a result of an abnormal dissipation of energy within the transformer.
This results in an increase in material strength, because of the high requirement of inelastic dissipation of energy.
Since the fibers act once the crack is opened so generally they do not affect the initial secant stiffness of the structural members and after cracking of concrete, they act as energy dissipator and improve dissipation of energy.
In this phase, actual dissipation of energy takes place.
The evolutionary emergence of dissipative structures served / serves to enhance the rate of dissipation of energy gradients that are resistant to dissolution by conduction alone (Salthe, 2007).
s] achieves maximal value (Figure 3), whereby dissipation of energy reduces and internal friction achieves minimal value.
Smith shows that work and waste were theological concerns as well as economic ones, and that the dissipation of energy (the second law of thermodynamics) harmonized with a theology that emphasized temporal direction, human weakness, and divine power.
Preparing excuses in advance can promote a losing attitude and lead to lack of focus, lack of effort and dissipation of energy.
The dissipation of energy from absorbed light is examined and absorption and action spectra are investigated.
In previous experimental work, only the integral power input was measured, and no information about the dissipation of energy in the different zones of the extruder was obtained.
On the other hand, there are advantages for poets who write in the dark, as it were - no pressure to print poor poems, or books hastily thrown together because editors, naturally impressed by publicity, ask for them; no dissipation of energy in treks to readings, meetings, writers' conferences; though I see these can provide inspiration, and I know a word about a poem from a reader can plunge you into new activity and new territory, and a response from a thoughtful editor can open your eyes to an unadmitted flaw and get you solving problems.
Now, scientists have developed a way of pumping electrons through tiny circuits that may eliminate the dissipation of energy as damaging heat.