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a.1.Consisting of two syllables only; as, a dissyllabic foot in poetry.
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In the irrelevant speech condition, four dissyllabic words were presented (see Appendix 4).
Playing Margaret of Anjou in Thomas Franklin's The Earl of Warwick (1766; performed 1784) she announced that Warwick had "not an hour to live"; Sarah Bartley, who played Queen Elizabeth against her, recalled that Siddons's "dissyllabic pronunciation of the word hour was so powerful that it still seemed to vibrate in her ears" (Campbell 1: 285).
Dissyllabic words or compounds: a'cute, broad'cast, challenge, fire'wood, plantain, teaspoon
(13) I assume that if a polysyllabic word distinguishes some phonetic opposition, this opposition should also exist in disyllabic words while the opposite is not true: an opposition existing in dissyllabic words is not necessarily present in words consisting of more than two syllables.