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adv.1.(Anat.) Toward a distal part; on the distal side of; distally.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Cerebral Therapeutics, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing specialty medications for uncontrolled neurological diseases, announced yesterday that it has named Lisa Shafer, PhD as its new chief scientific officer, and Eric Distad as vice president of clinical development.
Proud uncle of Jerome (Jackie), Robert (Margie), Mary, James (Sue) Forester, Ruth Mary (Terry) Blevons, Edward (Barbara), Barbara Schmitt, Constance (Jeff) Mutchmore, Mary Margaret Schmitt, Amy (Gary) Distad, Jean (Jim) Marco, Dean (Jeanne), Jeff (Tena), Scott (Carol) Francis, Alex (Barbara), Tom (Cathy), Vince (Julie) Iuorio, Mary Frances (Paul) Preissing, Jim (Margaret), Paul, and Steve "Chip " Iuorio and fond great-uncle of many.
12, the last day it was open to the public, and spoke with Josh Distad, 29, a songwriter and Minnesota native who's been tending bar at Bobby's for the past four years.
Maselli RA, Wollman RL, Leung C, Distad B, Palombi S, Richman DP, et al .
Smaller, chela length (2) 0.69 mm, 5.0-5.5 times longer than deep; trichobothrium ist slightly distad to esb O.
The former VP of product marketing for Apple TV, Pete Distad, is said to have been placed in a new role wherein he will be negotiating media content deals.
The Organizing Committee invited nine contestants to present their letters to their parents, families, the general audience and the judges at the Hawaii's Plantation Village in Waipahu, O'ahu: Masar Abdeljawad; Maizie Distad; Amanda Herolaga; Casey Metrose; Aizea Ranon; Julienne Saladino; Hannah Smasne; Timoteo Sumalinog; Shyloe Tote.
Forewing with crossveins absent in costal area; basal cell large; ScP+RA (branch ScP+RA forked from RP in proximal third of wing), RP 3; 2 r-m crossveins; MP 7-9 branched (1st M fork just distad of 1st R fork), following a proximal nodal cell C3, postnodal media cells divided into distal and proximal cells by 6 or 7 im crossveins in a post-nodal line; 1 m-cu crossvein; CuA and CuP usually simple; C5 absent or very distally and open; clavus long, open; Pcu reaching A1 past distal third of wing in apical portion of clavus; 1-4 transverse veins CuP and Pcu near apex of clavus; A1 arched to follow contour of postclaval margin, creating narrow (and usually darkened) cell between A1 and trailing margin of wing.
Landmarks for measures were: body length: tip of fastigium verticis to tegmina extremity; pronotum length: disc in dorsal view midline distance cephalic margin to caudal; mesofurcal pits separation: distance in ventral view between furcal pit centres; metafemur length: distance from anterior coxotrochanteral articulation distad to femorotibial joint, excluding genicular lobes; ovipositor length: from ovipositor extremity to clasper sockets of female's subgenital plate, i.e., where the cercal teeth of the male engage during mating.
Linda Distad was a University of Alberta librarian who died in 2012.
Cephalic coxae three-fourth as long as the pronotum, slightly inflated proximad, more slender distad, internal face with distal lobe moderately developed, margin sparsely, denticulate: cephalic femora slender, faintly sigmoid, distal five-eigths tapering, very slender, median discoidal spine the longest of the three; external margin with five spines of wich the distal one is much the shortest; internal margin with nine spines arranged in the formula: iIIIIIIi; margins of the cephalic femora other than those sections bearing the regular spine series sparsely dentate, the medio-ventral one distinctly and regular serrate-dentate.
Collecting Culinaria: Cookbooks and Domestic Manuals Mainly from the Linda Miron Distad Collection offers a wealth of images and history from the collection which ranges from manuscript images to cookbooks centered on food and health to early compilers such as Isabella Beeton whose tips and recipes became household standards, and The Cook Not Mad, which became the first English cookbook to be published in Canada in 1830.