Distinguished Service Cross

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Distinguished Service Cross

n. Abbr. DSC
1. A US Army decoration awarded for exceptional heroism in combat.
2. A British military decoration awarded to officers of the Royal Navy for gallantry in action.

Distin′guished Serv′ice Cross`

a U.S. Army bronze medal awarded for extraordinary heroism in military action against an armed enemy. Abbr.: D.S.C.
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Noun1.Distinguished Service Cross - a United States Army decoration for extraordinary heroism against an armed enemyDistinguished Service Cross - a United States Army decoration for extraordinary heroism against an armed enemy
laurel wreath, medal, decoration, ribbon, medallion, palm - an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event
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The deed which has secured him the award of the Distinguished Service Cross was of a daring and thrilling character, but we are unable to give details at present.
But whatever the U-boat's fate, Capt Bell, of Alfred Street, Redcar, received the Distinguished Service Cross, an engraved gold watch and a commission as Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve for his actions.
8221; The nomination was downgraded to Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) when it came across General Douglas MacArthur's desk.
She said he would be humbled to receive the Distinguished Service Cross, which is second only to the Medal of Honor.
As the citation for his Distinguished Service Cross explains:
West won the Distinguished Service Cross for leadership commanding HMS Ardent during the Falklands War.
Amid a few papers and photographs were five black rectangular boxes stamped with gold letters: Purple Heart, Silver Star, Bronze Star, another Silver Star and finally, Distinguished Service Cross.
It contains everything a reader needs to understand the battalion's vicious struggle to survive, aided by many location maps, and, in appendices, a list of those who died and those who received the Distinguished Service Cross, and an afterword comparing Tet with Desert Storm.
Kris is banned from speaking about the decision after he cornered the PM but his father, who earned the nickname "Mr Sea Harrier" and the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroics, said: "Kris is a superlative pilot who has given 10 years' selfless service for his country flying Harriers with distinction.
He was mentioned in despatches in July, 1942, and awarded his first Distinguished Service Cross in November.
For his selfless service and complete disregard for his own safety over that of his comrades, Cooper was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.
Evidence of their fighting skills and heroism can be found in NCOs like Staff Sergeant Timothy Nein, who earned the Distinguished Service Cross, and Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester, who became the first female to earn a Silver Star since World War II.

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