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Here comes the season of fasting, the glorious month of Ramadan, the month in which the gates of Jahannam, hellfire, are shut and that of Al-Jannah, paradise, are opened, the month in which the Quran, Huddan linnaas wa bayyinnah, was revealed to mankind as a guide and the distinguisher or criterion, of right from wrong.
The advantage of any probabilistic, polynomial-time, 0/1-valued distinguisher D in solving ECDLP on [E.sup.p](a, b) is defined as
The Sikh's combed and knotted scalp hair (joota), kept under a dastaar or patka (Sikh turbans) as a cultural distinguisher, communicates the "I am a Sikh" message and represents the wearer's acceptance of a simple life, harmonious living with nature and decisive allegiance to God for spiritual maturation.
However, by putting it through the lens of things that are 'gay,' it becomes not about the act but about the perception that would come with the act, so while he seemed to have more liberal views on acceptable acts with bromances, his clear distinguisher as not partaking, condemns the act.
"Distinguisher and Related-Key Attack on the Full AES-256".
They found that a 14-round related-key differential distinguisher for Simeck32/64 is the best known method, and they used the dependencies of bitwise AND operations.
(4) It is proven that the lower bound for the number of the required faults is 3 and an efficient distinguisher is proposed to uniquely determine the secret master key.
The team concluded that eye tracking is more dependable than skin conductance as a distinguisher between someone one who suffers from social anxiety and someone who does not.
"People are the distinguisher now more than ever," said Browne, "and we have the proven skills to source, secure, and retain the top talent our clients rely upon us to find, giving them the competitive edge in their respective industries."
Above all, the revered status of consent as the clear distinguisher between violence and nonviolence leaves no room for exploring why and how consent was expressed in the first place as well as the conditions under which consent was given.
The presence or absence of immune complex, either as granular deposits or as a linear coating of the basement membranes, is an important distinguisher in the classification system of small vessel vasculitis.