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adv.1.With distinction; with some mark of preference.
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Political perfidy, factional treachery, cronies' greed and leaders' unscrupulous practices amid lackluster development strides have contributed to a feeling that something distinguishingly different might not happen for yet another generation.
I think it would make the life of all including that of the anchors much easier and comfortable if the TV channels would introduce some simple, attractive and distinguishingly looking exclusive uniforms for their respective anchors.
Only rash and lymphadenopathy were consistent with testing positive for ZIKV infection, with rash being the most distinguishingly indicative.
To sum up, the combinations of TTC parameters were synthetically analyzed through the overall rear-end accidents in the sample and distinguishingly researched concerning the collision speeds of SV, the different AVs, the various Overlaps and the 4 typical scenarios.