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n.1.A state of being distracted; distraction.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The onset of Ramazan and the approach of the budget now compete for the attention of a lonely and hapless individual at the top, while the poor suffer in the fires of inflation, at least in part due to the negligence and distractedness of the rulers.
(She also abstained from eating meat during that Lent.) The cold, she said, was distracting, but following the advice of her chaplain, she offered up that feeling of distractedness in prayer to God.
Given that Cohen is both a devoted Freudian and a professor of literary theory, he writes of these things clearly and beguilingly, his sentences mostly unclogged with jargon -- though it is hard not to hoot with laughter when, having described his childhood love of Peanuts and its slacker dog, Snoopy, he adds with utter seriousness: "I hadn't read [Georges] Bataille then." (I tend to think we can understand the genius of Charles Schulz without recourse to French intellectuals.) He seeks to make us, his readers, feel a little better about our fears when it comes to slobbery and distractedness by offering a sense of solidarity
To make our self-deception, psychological cowardice, spiritual laziness, social conformity and idle distractedness the enemy is to make the enemy ourself.
Its vice president, Nawaf Al-Tamayat, publicly scolded players' "confusion and distractedness" and described the loss as being beyond "an honorable level." Pizzi called the defeat a "shameful situation."
The company says that these products address the most pressing safety issues affecting today's drivers, distractedness and exhaustion.
AaAaAeA{AaAaAeA} he looks like heAaAaAeA{Es having the time of his life, wi cat-that-swallowed-the-canary grin and glorious air of permanent distractedness. The action climax is visually striking, staged around an Asgardian tableau of sky, bridge and chasm.
Common symptoms associated with SD include increased sleepiness, decreased psychomotor performance as evidenced by longer reaction time, [2] distractedness, disturbances in attention and concentration, forgetting known facts, difficulty in memorizing new information, and mistakes of commission and omissions [3] along with degraded mood.
The everyday distractedness and directionless dumb presence of the crowd is at the heart of Ensor's version of the modern world.
If consumption here involves commodities in general and points to an accelerationist eschatology, Phillipson elsewhere places other, related subsets of contemporary distractedness in play.
As we have seen, although Astrophil thus emphatically gives courtship precedence over courtiership in his fable, he carefully ensures thereafter that we understand his reflections on the consequences of his choice to unfold a 'tale of me' wherein failures follow from obsession, from distractedness, rather than from any want of gifts.
We also compared the math performance, self-reported stress, perceived difficulty, distractedness, and perceived math ability of liberal arts majors to that of engineering majors.