n.1.A distributer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Exposing criminal law as distributionist undermines these individuals' claimed pre-political commitment against government distribution.
(17) In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, concern over legislatures' distributionist use of police power (18) prompted a legal response that emphasized property rights and freedom of contract.
The secretary of the club, who likes to be known only as Mike, 52, a stock distributionist from Newcastle, said: "I hear so many people discussing what they are going to wear for their big Christmas night out, but we don't have that problem.
In other words, there is a distributionist view of culture in contrast to culture regarded as a mere repository of meanings (Hannerz 1992, p.
Again, this approach, ignoring the irreducibly political nature of distributionist bureaucracies and the entirely unstable zone between social and political causes, has been subject to salutary critiques that I won't rehearse here.
Neither of the examples given above are ones that suit distributionist or stakeholder notions of democracy at all.
McGuire finds that the economic liberalization measures and the labour flexibility implemented after 1989 created the conditions for reducing the intensity of the distributionist conflict but failed to result in a greater institutionalization.
Claus Offe, a German theorist of marxist lineage, for instance, has elaborated `redistributionist' propositions which a reborn classical distributionist in the manner of G.K.
It is scarcely possible to be a marxist or a Fabian or a distributionist simply within the terms of the formative years of these groupings.
Yet the Fabians, marxists and distributionists of these years were often as preoccupied with disputation with each other as with their effective capacity to promote alternatives to what, for others, was the inevitable course of history.
The assumption of the autonomy of syntax that minimalists have adopted reminds me of the American distributionists. At one point their main claim was that language structures must be objectively described formally "in their own terms" without recourse to semantics.
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