District judge

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one who presides over a district court.

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According to police, the incident took place on 29th August when Inspector Jugal Kishore Sharma allegedly tried to offer Rs 500 to the Peshkar who was rewarded by the District Judge on Independence Day.
Deputy Senior District Judge Tan Ikram told the court yesterday that he would not be able to hear the trial due to his professional connection with Judge Toms.
Email replies reveal district judges feel "ignored, undervalued and unappreciated".
A complaint had been registered against Dhakal at the JC itself, accusing him of taking bribe in his capacity as the district judge. Umesh Baniya of Kavre district had filed a writ at the Supreme Court against Dhakal alleging the latter of taking bribe from him.
'Judges are supposed to be the guardians of right to life and liberty and they are bound to safeguarding of right to speech and expression - but the letter of District Judge has shown that even judges are not prepared to tolerate any word of wisdom and they will continue to repress those who stand against subjugation,' he said, adding, 'District Judge has not written the letter of his own and that he must have been under pressure not to permit the Bar Association to hold the seminar and by issuing the letter, he has only obliged the authorities which is highly deplorable.'
District judge Gwyn Jones said it was an "unpleasant" incident.
The order further stated that the district judge ignored that use of gutka had been resulting in serious diseases, adding there was also no provision in the law to allow a district judge to pass a general direction to all courts of his district to follow his view which otherwise had no binding effect upon such judiciary on independent criminal matters.
In his report Principal District Judge, Rajouri, said that in District Jail, Rajouri, there are 182 inmates, 40 more than the capacity of the jail.
Booth, of Vivian Street, Hafod, Swansea, pleaded guilty to assaulting a Pc when he appeared before district judge David Parsons, sitting at the magistrates' court.
However, the appeals judges said that while the district judge in Hawaii cannot "clarify" what the Supreme Court meant by "bona fide relationship," he does have the authority to "interpret" the Supreme Court decision, a distinction that may be lost on most lay people but which had lawyers nodding politely.
He appeared before the same district judge via a video link from a young offenders' institution where he admitted a charge of escaping lawful custody.
District Judge South (Karachi) Nazir Amin Memon had initiated action based on the Special judge Islamabad ruling, in which the court had ordered freezing of Musharraf assets and properties.

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