n.1.Act of disturbing; disturbance.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We waited until the female leaved > 50 m without her disturbation and returned to carefully check the location and its surroundings in a radius of 5 m.
Besides, the flow disturbation generated by the movement is not considered.
Meanwhile the servo movement of tool generates the disturbation to the gap flow.
Danto's "Danger and Disturbation" situates Abramovic's radical performances in relation to questions of display and audience perception: how does performance art or even simply documentation of it fit into the museum's space?
(This includes the supertriangles, when the triangles sharing edges with the supertriangle are deleted at the end the exact number of triangles will be less than twice the number of vertices, the exact number depends on the sample point disturbation).
In the next stage of development, the soil was affected by a slight pseudogleyization, followed by cryogenic disturbation (parallel-arranged fissures) and finally recalcification.
A great many things fabricated in the name of art became what I have called"disturbational." Disturbational objects are intended to bruise sensibilities, to offend good taste, to jeer and sneer and trash the consciousness of viewers formed by the very values disturbation regards as oppressive.
I once coined the word "disturbation" to describe the ideal moment of performance art.
Photography, with its connotations of showing reality, is a marvelous enhancement of disturbation in her case.
Serra's work is at the intersection of traditional sculpture and what I have elsewhere designated the art of disturbation. Disturbational art is not simply disturbing, like the images of Leon Golub or, latterly, Eric Fischl--or like the skinning alive of Marsyas in the Titian masterpiece which sets so many of us shivering these days.