n.1.Dominion; rule.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Tom felt that it was time to wake up; this sort of life might be romantic enough, in his blighted con- dition, but it was getting to have too little sentiment and too much distracting variety about it.
I was in a puzzled con- dition, anyway, and wanted to think.
It was this everlasting thinking of my con- dition that tormented me.
The price of the paper was two dollars a year, but he took in three subscriptions for half a dollar apiece on con- dition of them paying him in advance; they were going to pay in cordwood and onions as usual, but he said he had just bought the concern and knocked down the price as low as he could afford it, and was going to run it for cash.
I wondered what sort of complicated de- bauch had reduced him to that unspeakable con- dition. Captain Giles' benevolence was spoiled by a curious air of complacency which I disliked.
The dition of Christian ouboutin's crystaldorned 'Cinderella' slippers only served to heighten the magic of this look.
How is the conS dition of somnambulism better known?
The other nine chan- nels whose licences were suspended are Al-Sharqiya and Al-Sharqiya News, in ad- dition to the local channels of Salahuddin, Fallujah, Taghy- eer, Baghdad, Babiliya, Anwar 2 and al-Gharbiya.
In ad= dition, he said, the IAF fighters use long range radar guided missiles, and= therefore need to practice over larger areas, like the sea.
The company also announced enhancements to the newest version of Risk Profiler (version 2.0), including the ad dition of regional economic data and the expanded use of borrower payment patterns in the model.
Emma-Sarah's con- dition can make her very boisterous, but when the chicken, christened Dorothy, sits on her lap, she calms down immediately.
Live on SIS and ATR' card in Racing Post betting shop e dition