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a.1.Capable of being diverted.
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The show evinces the position that passion for pop culture can be transposed to other endeavors, because such attachments are by nature fickle--indicating a desire to desire, regardless of what the desired object may be--and that this divertible attachment cultivated by fan practices jump-started the economy and helped resolve the financial crisis.
2006), four impulsivity factors (impulsiveness, deliberation, self-discipline and excitement seeking; Whiteside & Lynam, 2001) as well as seven components (prepared/careful, impetuous, divertible, thrill and risk seeking, happy-go-lucky, impatiently pleasure seeking and reserved) which can be grouped into two principal components (unprepared/ spontaneous and sensation seeking; Kirby & Finch, 2010).
From the perspective of developing states, it would be an unfair advantage to developed states to allow such divertible products to enter into developing markets at a lower tariff rate than would otherwise be the case.