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a.1.Capable of being diverted.
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Perhaps the biggest concern was that the most effective medications were the stimulants, which can be quite addictive and divertible.
His richly allusive phrasings force audiences to brood more deeply on Ariel's fathomless yet divertible powers, as on the more problematic nature of humans--both courtiers and clowns--who use and abuse that "spirit.
Do No Harm," "Smart-Aid," and "Africa-lite" approaches advocate a reduction in divertible assets, tighter monitoring of distributions, and precise targeting of recipients.
The Cherry Creek Project involves the filing of a plan of augmentation, which, upon completion, will yield divertible tributary water which the company will sell to various municipalities and other users in the Denver area.
The prison had identified trade in divertible medication as a significant issue and had taken robust action to address this.
2) The program also treats prostitution as a divertible offense because of the community's understanding that while male addicts are often arrested for drug offenses, female addicts are often picked up for prostitution.
Having said that, most of this supply is divertible, and if market conditions are right some of it could be diverted," he added.
From the perspective of developing states, it would be an unfair advantage to developed states to allow such divertible products to enter into developing markets at a lower tariff rate than would otherwise be the case.